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Electro-Acoustic Solo Bass studio and live events with "Anti DJ" Mixed Devices, Circuit Bending, Electronic Audio Collage Arts, rendered variations of the original composition, improvisational soundscapes and the works of other 20th Century composers. Beautiful Sounds. Wild/Crashes. Electronic Moods.


  1. Unseen
  2. Radiation
  3. Cracked Nerve
  4. AudioInstal X
  5. Metali Groov Gali
  6. Basement Bender
  7. Digital Dolphins
  8. Live at Downtown Music Gallery NYC
  9. Conduit
  10. New Model Construction
  11. Bent Barbie
  12. Plasma
  13. Paris: Live at Batofar
  14. Gnossienes; Satie
  15. Heavens

Marcs loan: All Electro-Acoustic Solo Bass Events, Mix, Preparations, Devices, Field Recordings, Circuit Bendts and Electronics © ℗ Marcs loan Sloan 2000 Askance Publ., BMI

Marcs loan Essential Mix for Bart's Yodel NAISA Broadcast

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New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) Deep Wireless Festival of Radio and Transmission Art May 3, 2014

produced a radio program "Making Waves: Bart Plantenga's Yodel EA OH" broadcasted on produced by Darren Copeland.

Yodel EA OH was a six hour telematic performance that took place during the festival.

For this recording Sloan edited essentials for clarity & the yodel theme focus feauturing Bart Plantenga, Zazalie Z, James Bailey, Paul Dutton, Scott Bullick, Clork Laptop Orchestra, Girilal Baars, Marcs loan with Maggie Ens (Pablo Shine pre-recorded congas).

Artist performing from around the world in their own studios; mixed together in real time by Eldad Tsabary and Regynald Guzman at Concordia University using the application Tube Plug to create the network connections.

Sincere apologiz for the absence of whales on breading sabbatical.

Marcs loan - Gawquar Tetes: Digital Download Only now

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Various recordings: studio / home / field recordings / collages, The Gawguar Tete Group (1995) @ The Knitting Factory 47 Houston, NYC.

Please note: Because tracks 2,5,7,8 and 11 are an integral part of the Gauquar soundscape, AND licensed from previously released albums.

Marcs loan - GAWQUAR TETES

  1. Moon Rises On Banks of Rivers # 7:02
  2. FreeBones featuring Andrew Williams 2:50
  3. Free Falls * 4:03
  4. Backyard (Guitar Quintet) 7:36
  5. Whispers In The Refractions Of Water 5:15
  6. Carnival Of Boxes ^ 8:10
  7. So Long 1:29
  8. Sunrise 1:10
  9. Lullabye ^ 5:06
  10. Ground ^ 9:02
  11. The TOTAL NeverEND Of the CHESire Street SmILE 16:04

Marcs loan-guitar/bass, piano, recordings/devices, # Samara Lubelski-violin, Jane Scarpantoni cello , Andrew Dalke saxophone , Scott Jarvis drums, * Knox Chandler-cello, # Andrew Williams-trombone, Joe Trump-percussion # ^, Ethan Winnogrand-drums, Bob Field-sax,Virgil Moorefield-drums ^, Choir and Boxes ^ Andrew Nahem, Sally Endroso, K.J. Grant, Glenn Sorvisto, Derek Bronston, Ray/Wendy Sage, Mike Evans, Mike Osterhaut, Miriam McDonough @ The Knitting Factory 47 Houston NYC ^

Tracks 6,9,10 The Knitting Factory @ 47 Houston, New York City (1995)

Produced and Composed © ℗ Marcs loan 1995 Askance Publ., BMI