1974    The Ludlow Garden Tapes  Cincinnati Ohio.  Marcs loan b, TEAC 4430
Dave Fisk g, Reed Ghazala d, Roger Gossling b3, Mark Shaw g

1976    Sanstone (band) WMUK Radio Kalamazoo Michigan
Jim Miller & Skyp Gullette g/v, Marcs loan b, Jamie Rife f

1981    "U.S. Trance"  Rob Eder g, John Stith wb, Sarah c, Marc b
Ribbon Rail Studios, Bloomington Indiana

1982    Single Recording "Rhudabaega" Kenny Aronoff d, Marc b
Ribbon Rail Studios, Bloomington Indiana

1981/2    Air Lobster  Jeff Lee g, Alec Moorhead d, Marc b
Indiana University MAC & Monroe Co. Library, Bloomington

1983    Mick Gochanour's "Tunnel Vision"  NYC

1984    The Hal Brister Band   NYC

1985   YEOW vinyl LP.  Harlem and City College, NYC
1989   OXOWL @ Vital Music, NYC

Ritual Tension (1985-1989)  Ivan & Andrew Nahem v/g, Mike Shockley d, Marc

1986    "I Live Here" @ Martin Bisi's, NYC
1987    "Hotel California"  @ Martin Bisi's
1988    "Blood Of The Kid" Live CBGBs
1989    "Expelled"  @ Martin Bisi's

1989    "Rats Of Unusual Size"  Vital Records. Jim Fourniadis g, Sally Endroso d, Marc b

1989    Purple Geezus "Malibu II" Ep  Jerry Williams g, Mike Osterhout v, Scott Jarvis d, Marc 'Greg' Sloan b

1990    False Prophets "Invisible People"
Stephen Ielpi, Debra Adele/Steve Taylor g, Ben Orik d, Marc b
Konkurel Records, Amsterdam

Elliot Sharp's CARBON and ORCHESTRA CARBON  1990-1996
Elliott Sharp g, Zeena Parkins h, Dave Weinstein k, Joe Trump d, Marc b
Tocsin (1991)
Truthtable (1993)
Amusia (1994)
Autoboot (1994)
Interference (1995)
Spring & Neap (1997)
Rheo~Umbra (1998)
Serrate (2009)
Void Coordinates (2010)
State of The Union Pt. I&II

Audio For 'Digitas' (CD-ROM) Magazine

1995    Marcs loan's GAWK Project GAWD  @ Coyote Studios, Williamsburg NYC

1995    "PARIS GREVE"  with Eric Yaeger and Black Sifichi,  France

1996 Invisi Bile Records 'Route 666' Tour Compilation
1996    Marcs loan's GAWK Project IRON MUSHROOM
Recored @ Oliver's Mission Studios, Williamsburg NYC

1997    Mad Art River  Cincinnati, Ohio

1997 'Cumulus' on State of The Union Pt. I

1997    Marcs loan's GAWK Project SCRATCH
@ Coyote Studios, Williamsburg NYC

1998    HEAVY ELEMENTS #115-123  Martin Bisi's & Mother West Studios

1999    Metal Butterfly's  Yagi Michiyo, Marcs loan, Christine Bard, Katsui Yuji

2003    MAD ART RIVER  Phoenicia, NY

2004    MayDay Art & Music Festival Compilation
The 111 Art Building  111 First Street  Jersey City, NJ

2005    BOCA LUNA Juan Matos Capote & Marcs loan, Williamsburg NYC

2007    Transient Electro Acoustic Events  Milford, Ohio

2010    Marcs loan "Dime Social"  Mother West Studios, NYC

2010    Rhys Chatham "Crimson Grail" Live Lincoln Center

2012    Passero World Music Group.  Sertso Studios, Woodstock NY

2013    Marcs loan  Portrait Of The Musician As Forever Moonlight
Prince George Hotel, NYC & Hidden Quarry Studios, Woodstock, NY

2015    TOY with PIANO  Jersey City New Jersey
Prepared 1929 Chickering Piano
Trees Of Nerve Endings Studio   Jersey City, NJ

2016 Mix for Ivan Nahem 'The Jerk'

2017   Medicine Ball

2018   Pillows Of Fire