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Sloans first album recordings before Cds existed + analog cassettes were becoming the rave. This is a vinyl disc with that warmth everyone should experience.

Recorded while attending City College / Spanish Harlem, NYC as a student of jazz with Ron Carter. Apartments where '7A' @ $115.75 a month, an espresso 35¢, shop owners tough as nails. It was a grand time w/ keys to the defunkt TV studio of Shepard Hall thanks to you Neil Zusmann. It was a magical time and place; The sweltering Summer of 1984....

The now collector's item YEOW was released in '85. Playing time sides A & B are ~ 34 minutes. This is an eclectic collection of music concrete ranging in genres from Swing Jazz, Electronic, Song Poem, Music Concrete and Rockesque.

Side A 1. Memory 2. Whats 3. Free bass 4. Is It Any Wonder 5. Fall and Rain Away 6. Table Tops

Side B 8. Notice 9. Thunder Crickets 10. At The Campsite 11. Lullabye 12. 3 Dreamid 13 Mutiple One 14. Playing

Marc Sloan bass, piano, percussion, tapes and devices..., Ethan Winnogrand drums Bob Field saxophone, Karen Taborn vocals George Bliss piano

Produced and Composed © ℗ Marc Sloan 1985 Askance Publ., BMI

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