Marc Sloan - DIME SOCIAL:   Digital Download Only
  • Marc Sloan - DIME SOCIAL:   Digital Download Only
  • Marc Sloan - DIME SOCIAL:   Digital Download Only
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Marc Sloan - Dime Social (2010) is the album prior to "Portraits of the Musician As Forever Moonlight" (2013). It is Sloan's introduction of the acoustic guitar and vocals into the 'Sloan' genre. It's indicative of a re-direct of compositional focus for traditional to avante-garde electro acoustic exploration.

Song Credits and Excellent Studio Musicians:

  1. TarantaSanlucar Marc Sloan - classical guitar
  2. SumrTym Joe Trump - drums, Gregor Kitzis - violin, Harbinger - vocals, Marc Sloan - bass
  3. WalkinStick Tripp Dudley - tabla, Marc Sloan - guitar
  4. LinearInclinePlane Marc - basses, Joe Trump - drums
  5. CaminoAbajo Gregor Kitzis - violin, JoeTrump - drums, Marc Sloan - basses
  6. FlowersOfEspionage Tripp Dudley - tabla, Marc - guitars
  7. Zhulu Marc Sloan - bass trio
  8. Carnival Chris Howard - percussion, Marc - classical guitar
  9. RagaByeBass Marc Sloan - bass trio
  10. Salmiana Marc Sloan - classical guitar
  11. Saddest Of All Sundays (Jávor/Seress) Harbinger - vocals
  12. XYZs Marc Sloan - basses, Joe Trump - drums
  13. Covertocracy Harbinger - electronics, vocals

Songs, Arrangements and Produced by Marc Sloan © ® 2010

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