The Spiel

I was born and hardly raised in Cincinnati, Oh 1955 into classical, jazz & folk blues traditions.
Cincinnati was the home of King Records, the Big Red milling machines, close to the Wright Brothers aviation, The Mills Brothers birthplace, Chicago blues, The Grand Old Opry Nashville, the Kentucky and West Virginia coal mines, the Hillbilly Highways, I-75 and the Chitlin circuits.

I decided to pursue music because of my father Glenn Milburn Sloan (bass trombonist for the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Tanglewood/Boston, St. Louis and Indianapolis Symphonies and The Glenn Sloan Jazz Orchestra), the 1963-5 piano lessons encouraged by my mother Mary Lee Rahn-Sloan, Howard Early jazz guitarist at Buddy Rogers Music 1972, sister Carrie's record collection  + philosophy and jam sessions together with Reed Ghazala

I compose eccentric and eclectic world diverse musics from traditional to electronic. I have the great fortune to tour and record folk to industrial art rock in the USA, Canada, Brasil, Europe, Japan beginning in 1974, to have studied with Ron Carter at City College CUNY 1983/4 and with Hilly Crystal 1985-95 at the infamous rock music club CBGBs. Hilly released Ritual Tension 'Blood Of The Kid' on Celluloid Records.
I recorded often at the Martin Bisi studio, Brooklyn, NY 1986-97.

The 1985-1990 I worked with Ritual Tension, Purple Geezus, Rats Of Unusual Size (1st studio album), False Profits 'Invisible People'
Stephen Moses of Alice Donut...etc.

Since 1990 I occasionally work for Elliott Sharp and was with Rhys Chatham for the 'Crimson Grail' performance @ Lincoln Center 2010, to name just a few. (Refer to Discography)
I collaborate with artist Maggie Ens and the Black-Hole Factory/TiG, Braunschweig Germany.

Livin' by the nickel and dye by the dime I subside my music with blue denim stylee. Out East I work concert and theater technologies + I.A.T.S.E. locals
over hire. I spent a lot of time outside Manhattan in the wildflower horticulture industry.
I relate to the Sixto Rodriguez 'Cold Facts', certified NABCEP solar power and Stageline 260.
I am looking to record, master previous audio library and tour.

My musical influences began with thunderstorms, classical music, local AM radio of the 60's, Jazz, early 1970's FM radio pioneers, rolling banjo arpeggios that led me to Flamenco guitar (Spain's original blues music). By the mid 70's the influence of folk, pop, hard rock music sparked my desire to travel with music groups. In the midwest I worked with Bloomington, Indiana's Cathi and Stuart Norton, Jeff Lee and some I.U. geeks. There was 'Sanstone' outta Cincinnati/Kalamazoo who's recordings Im trying to find... After a couple of successful decades with the East Village New York scene 80/90's I went to Spain in 2004 to study guitar at the wonderful Escuela Carmen de las Cuevas.
I consider myself most fortunate to have lived in the American Century that gave birth to many great industrialists and artists.

'Forever Moonlight' Cd started out as my first solo folk album. All the rhythm and vocal tracks were recorded live with very few overdubs. The team of musicians on the album turned out to be a bunch of powerful wild horses you can hear trying to run away with some of the songs. A few of the tracks are a lot more intense then originally planned. So, what isn't in this life?
That folk lullaby bucket kicker album sways and rocks pretty hard with more and less subtle nuances. It is eccentric as hell, classical by nature giving an acoustic-punk industrial tinge of wood shavings like a lumberjack in a China shop.
Meet Astor Piazzola, Nick Drake, Jackson Brown, John Prine, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash all rolled up into one big Moon Ball of Forever.

My goals are to produce two more Forever Moonlight albums "Pillows of Fire" and "Medicine Ball" by mid 2022. I expect to reform the DIVINE BONES band for 2020.


Musician * Producer * Composer

Classical Guitar Performance and Studio Musician
Traditional and Original Folk w/ Flamenco Influence

Electric Bass Performance and Studio Musician
New Musics, Art Rock w/ Jazz Influence
Arranger, Producer, Music Director
in Americana King/Motown, Blues, Folk/Gospel,
Brit rock circa 60/70's. Experienced NYC East Village heavy art rock scene
80/90s a la Glenn Branca, Sonic Youth, CBGBs, early Knitting Factory.

Internet Tracking, Overdub and Rough Mixes

Band Music Performance
Art Folk and Rock Musics in Acoustic, Electric and Electronic Genre

for Film ,Video, TV, Radio, Jingles

Cd Sales
Digital and Hard Copy

Movie Editing

Audio / Sculptural Installation

Music Recording
Arrangement / Production / Mastering and CD Manufacturing Consultation

Acoustic Guitar and Electric Bass Music Lessons
Technique, Theory and Repertoire

Home Made Instrument Building and Beginner Electronics

Tour Concepts

International Fly In Concert & Studio Available
Travel and Passport Ready