The Forever Moonlight Band
"Portrait Of The Musician As Forever Moonlight"

Marc Sloan - classical guitar, Martin bass, vocals and songs
Simon Fishburn - drums
Pablo Shine - congas,  Guy Thilett - violin
Elliott Sharp - guitar,   Marco Benevento - accordion
Danny Blume - mandolin, recording & mix engineer
Mastering by Fred Kevorkian

Digital Download of the "Marc Sloan: Portrait of the Musician As Forever Moonlight" CD (13 MP3s)
  • Digital Download of the "Marc Sloan: Portrait of the Musician As Forever Moonlight" CD (13 MP3s)
  • Digital Download of the "Marc Sloan: Portrait of the Musician As Forever Moonlight" CD (13 MP3s)
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This is the downloadable (13) mp3 song version of the Professionally Recorded, Mixed and Mastered CD.

The music is eccentric eclectic Folk, Blues and Flamencoesque. Regarded as dynamic and a Street Thesis In Higher Learning.

The album was recorded in the famous Woodstock, NY area, home of The Band, Bob Dylan, Richie Havens, Dave Holland, Jack Dejohnette, Larry Campbell... All tracks Mastered by Fred Kevorkian @ Avatar, NYC

World Class Musicians and Instrumentation:

Marc Sloan - classical guitar, vocals, Martin bass, production and song. Simon Fishburn - drums. Guy Thillet - violin. Pablo Shine - congas. Elliott Sharp - slide guitar. Danny Blume - mandolin, recording and mix engineer. Marc Benevento - accordion. Mastered by Fred Kevorkian @ Avatar Studios, NYC

Songs traditional and original:

  1. Freight Train Blues
  2. Faruca Argentine
  3. Don't Ask Me Two Times
  4. The Time It Ain't Yours For Waistin'
  5. Dog Eared Folds
  6. Deep El'm
  7. Here To The Bijou
  8. Where Loved Ones Like To Go
  9. Forever Wound
  10. Overcast
  11. Rhumba
  12. How Do You Like Us Now
  13. Crystal Clear

© ℗ 2014 Marc Sloan, BMI. Askance Publishing, Trees Of Nerve Endings

3d View of Cd available depending on Discmakers.

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Marc Sloan - DIME SOCIAL:   Digital Download Only
  • Marc Sloan - DIME SOCIAL:   Digital Download Only
  • Marc Sloan - DIME SOCIAL:   Digital Download Only
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Marc Sloan - Dime Social (2010) is the album prior to "Portraits of the Musician As Forever Moonlight" (2013). It is Sloan's introduction of the acoustic guitar and vocals into the 'Sloan' genre. It's indicative of a re-direct of compositional focus for traditional to avante-garde electro acoustic exploration.

Song Credits and Excellent Studio Musicians:

  1. TarantaSanlucar Marc Sloan - classical guitar
  2. SumrTym Joe Trump - drums, Gregor Kitzis - violin, Harbinger - vocals, Marc Sloan - bass
  3. WalkinStick Tripp Dudley - tabla, Marc Sloan - guitar
  4. LinearInclinePlane Marc - basses, Joe Trump - drums
  5. CaminoAbajo Gregor Kitzis - violin, JoeTrump - drums, Marc Sloan - basses
  6. FlowersOfEspionage Tripp Dudley - tabla, Marc - guitars
  7. Zhulu Marc Sloan - bass trio
  8. Carnival Chris Howard - percussion, Marc - classical guitar
  9. RagaByeBass Marc Sloan - bass trio
  10. Salmiana Marc Sloan - classical guitar
  11. Saddest Of All Sundays (Jávor/Seress) Harbinger - vocals
  12. XYZs Marc Sloan - basses, Joe Trump - drums
  13. Covertocracy Harbinger - electronics, vocals

Songs, Arrangements and Produced by Marc Sloan © ® 2010

Product Notes: The CD is of a CDr style replication service quality. The texted version, pictured here, is in limited supply. Please send a note indicating that receiving a computer generated, disc only, version is acceptable by you the customer in the advent supplies run out. Or, indicate your interest in a re-print which will commence in back order. Those will be available ASAP. Thanks, FM

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Marc Sloan b. Cincinnati 1955 into classical, jazz & blues  families. Marc's father, Glenn Milburn Sloan, was bass trombonist for CCM, Tanglewood, St. Louis and Indianapolis Symphonies and The Glenn Sloan Jazz Orchestra. Marc studied at CCM, with Ron Carter at City College NY, with Hilly Crystal at the infamous rock music club CBGBs (Ritual Tension's 'Blood Of The Kid' on Celluloid Records), guitar w/ Alfredo Mesa and Gerardo Núñez in Spain. Marc works occasionally w/ guitarist composer Elliott Sharp, recorded for Rhys Chatham @ Lincoln Center and toured w/ Kido Natsuki / Katsui Yuji in Japan.Marc collaborates with artist Maggie Ens. 

Simon Fishburn - Drums  Originally hailing from Sydney, Australia and graduating from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 1995, Simon has played and recorded with Australian major label artists such as Tania Bowra (ABC Records/Polygram), Roger Frampton (Tall Poppies Records/ABC Jazz), Anita Spring (Universal Music) and Ben Fields (Warner Bros. Records). Since having moved to New York in early 2012, he has since had the opportunity to play with such notable artists as Richie Cannata (Billy Joel), Frosty Lawson (The Village People) and Adrian Cunningham (Wycliffe Gordon). He currently plays with: Soapbox Army, Sonnyboy, Steve Golub’s Uncharted Territory, The Joel Young Band , Erin & The International Jam and of course Marc Sloan. 
Pablo Shine - Percussion  Pablo Shine was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico in 1961 a gifted conguero and prolific painter. His work is in private collections in the Hudson Valley area, New York City, London, Japan and San Juan, Puerto Rico. His most recent work is the result of a process of exploration that was triggered a few years ago by getting reacquainted with Afro-Caribbean music, mainly with the rhythm and dance of Bomba and Plena from his native Puerto Rico and the Rumba and Santeria music of their sister island Cuba. Playing these African based rhythms, he began to be inspired to paint images that relate to the folklore, culture and the tropical beauty found in the lush and vibrant flora of Puerto Rico. You can view his visual work at 
Guy Thilett  received his Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam, his Master's Degree in Education from SUNY Stonybrook and his Master's Degree in Computer Science from SUNY New Paltz.  He has taught in public school, and maintains a large private studio of violin, viola and guitar students through Jacobs Music Center in Highland, NY.  In addition to the Dorian String Quartet, Guy is a multi-instrumentalist performing previous with world music band Passero, the rock band The Sovs, Marc Sloan's 'Forever Moonlight' recordings/band.

The Cincinnati Forever Moonlight Band Marc Sloan w/ Stan Ginn percussion and Shari Lauter violin

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