Quadraphonic Audio Installation and Technical Operations

1986   Fusion Gallery 57 Stanton Street NYNY
           a collaboration by Eric Bemisdorfer, Mocky Cherry, Shalom
           Newman, Phil Ross, Tek and Michelle Siboun, with music by
           Marcs loan. Lenny Horowitz Art Critic
1987    Fusion Arts Event @ Museum of Image
and Sound Sao Paolo, Brazil

1987    Charlie Morrow's Spirit Voices Spring Equinox
           at No Se No Rivington & Forsythe St., NYC

Fusion Arts Event Summer Solstice
Installation and Performance
Thompkins Square Park, NYC

1988    Fusion Arts Event @ Rivington Sculpture Garden
featuring Ritual Tension

1989    Fusion Arts Event @ Crime Galerie
           Bastille Paris France

1991  Fusion Arts Event "Toxic Paradise"
Diagonale Gallerie
Paris, France

2002  HOWL Festival
Thompkins Square Park
East Village, NYC

Maggie Ens'  URBAN JUNGLE / Marcs loan Audio ENStallations
1989  “Topical Rainforest” Redsquare, NYC w/ Colab
           Curated by Robert Costa
1988 @ Canal Jeans w/ Robert Petrick, Jim C.,
         Maggie Ens, Lynn Seeney and many others
1991  "Urban Jungle" @ Saireido Gallery, Soho New
          Curated Maggie Ens

2000  Ladybugs in the Recorder, B.U.M.P. EXPO, Jersey City, NJ

2002  NY Stop Exchange, Union Square Subway, NYC, NY

2003  Unbearables Howl Festival, Transfusions
Fusion Arts Museum, NYC, NY

2006  Avant Garden State, Union Street Gallery, Jersey City, NJ

Bent 2006 Circuit Bending Festival, 15 Nassau St., NYC, NY

2007  99 Cent Dream
The Jersey City Museum and Victory Hall, Jersey City, NJ

2008  Love Is For Lovely People
Victory Arts Projects, Jersey City, NJ

Victory Arts Projects, Jersey City, NJ

2010  Adam's Rib, Fusion Arts Museum, NYC, NY