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Sloans first album recordings before Cds existed + analog cassettes were becoming the rave. This is a vinyl disc with that warmth everyone should experience.

Recorded while attending City College / Spanish Harlem, NYC as a student of jazz with Ron Carter. Apartments where '7A' @ $115.75 a month, an espresso 35¢, shop owners tough as nails. It was a grand time w/ keys to the defunkt TV studio of Shepard Hall thanks to you Neil Zusmann. It was a magical time and place; The sweltering Summer of 1984....

The now collector's item YEOW was released in '85. Playing time sides A & B are ~ 34 minutes. This is an eclectic collection of music concrete ranging in genres from Swing Jazz, Electronic, Song Poem, Music Concrete and Rockesque.

Side A 1. Memory 2. Whats 3. Free bass 4. Is It Any Wonder 5. Fall and Rain Away 6. Table Tops

Side B 8. Notice 9. Thunder Crickets 10. At The Campsite 11. Lullabye 12. 3 Dreamid 13 Mutiple One 14. Playing

Marcs loan bass, piano, percussion, tapes and devices..., Ethan Winnogrand drums Bob Field saxophone, Karen Taborn vocals George Bliss piano

Produced and Composed © ℗ Marcs loan 1985 Askance Publ., BMI


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This is the digital Cd of the album 'YEOW' and 'OXOWL' + a 24 track download of YEOW OXOWL.

The hard copy Cd version is the music only w/ black text credits printed on a standard CD's silver background. The Cd is delivered in paper/windowed sleeve. No artwork. No jewel box.

YEOW 1985

  1. Memory
  2. Sunrise
  3. Wha't
  4. Freebass
  5. Is It Any Wonder
  6. Fall and Rain Away
  7. Table Tops
  8. Notice
  9. Thunder Crickets
  10. At The Campsite
  11. Lullaby
  12. Dreamid
  13. Playing


YEOW was recorded on locations W. 136th Street Harlem residence and at City College's Shepard Hall while Sloan was studying bass with Ron Carter. Special thanks goes to Neil Zusman.

This vinyl LP, released in '85, was pressed @ the now defunkt Hauppauge Record Manufacturing Ltd. plant in Hauppauge, N.Y. In 1993 HRM merged with publicly traded RCL Acquisition and changed its name to HMG Digital Technologies...

'LORE OF THE OXOWL' released in 1989 included Reed Ghazala. This release proceeded Ritual Tension's final recording 'Expelled' while Sloan continued to recorded and play for Lower East Side groups Purple Geezus, Vital/Rats of Unusual Size, False Prophets, Elliott Sharp's Carbon ('90-'96) and Stalwart who later became the Metal Blade grouP CRISIS.

OXOWL 1989 was engineered by Jim Fourniadis at some defunkt studio somewhere on Broadway.

  1. Wassail Song
  2. Cumulus
  3. Dark Seas
  4. Woodland Echoes
  5. A Darker Solvent
  6. Storm Waltz
  7. Falls
  8. B'ox Breathing
  9. Rapids
  10. Molecule
  11. TimeAfter Piece


© ℗ Marcs loan 1985/89 Askance Publ., BMI

PURPLE GEEZUS 'Malibu Too' Ep Digital Download Only

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1988 East Village New York City Virgin Malibu Purple Geez as ever:

(Th’ Cigaretz) Jerry Williams - guitar & Scott Jarvis - drums + Mike Osterhout - vocals, Marc 'Greg' Sloan - bass

Marcs loan's Gawk Project - GAWD Digital Download Only

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Marcs loan's Gawk Project - GAWD


Organic music for king-hell rhythm section, ornamental chaos, structural electronic grid work and optic nerve textures. GAWK sound structure: dense colour, rendering cinemagraphik textural organics, industrial cathedrals, bio electro-mechanics and form motifs of bucolic surrounding. Within the recordings are psychotropic chemicals, barometric changes in climate effecting the viscocity of air.

CREDITS: Marcs loan basses, waterharp, sampler/tapes/devices, use of voice, electronic alterations, sledge JOSEPH TRUMP (Carbon) drums,percussion, djembe, lipoma REED GHAZALA circuit designs, tape, sources, harmonic window, botanics KNOX CHANDLER (Psychedelic Furs/Maggie Estep) guitar, electronics, miles MARK POYSDEN sound proccessing, Lightsound Studios, Amsterdam GREG KITZIS violin, rosin/acid ANDREW WILLIAMS trombone ANDREW NAHEM guitar, switches ANDY HAAS dijaredo, bucket KAREN CRISIS (Crisis) vocals, suitcase STEVE McALLISTER-basic track mix engineer & FRANZ VERNA mix

  11. REQUIEM IN GREY (12 blank)

Produced and Composed © ℗ Marcs loan 1995 Askance Publ., BMI

M. See Saw Mira LONG LIVE AMERICA Digital Download Only

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Connoisseur Punk guitar rock. Melodic ballads in French and English.

Produced by Marc Mira and Sloan

Sloan and Mira met and worked together at Strand Bookstore w/ Miriam Linna (Cramps) Robin Crutchfield (New York No Wave, DNA and Dark Day), Bobby Radcliff, Henry Ferre and Bill Sack of Lunar Caustic... Sloan and Mira have been friends since 1984 and continue to work, play and record in the New York scene.


Marc Mira - songs and arrangements, lyrics, vocals, electric, acoustic guitars.

Mike Aguirre - lead guitar on King of Blues.

Bill Byers - electric guitar on Sunnyside, acoustic on Trust Me.

John Rokosny (Smithereens) - guitar on Sunnyside, Greed and King of Blues, TV On.

Dave Lawrence - lead guitar TV On & King of Blues.

Luther Thomas - saxophone Elizabeth McCormick - backing vocals

Joe Trump all tracks drums

Marcs loan all tracks bass, additional music direction, sampler.

Engineers: Tom Donati, Franz Verna, Steve McAllsiter

Album Tracks:

  1. Greed (Francais)
  2. TV On (Englais)
  3. Sunnyside (Francais)
  4. Trust Me (Englais)
  5. King of Blues (Englais)
  6. Greed (Englais)
  7. Sunnyside (Englais)

Marcs loan's Gawk Project - IRON MUSHROOM Digital Download Only

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Marcs loan's Gawk Project - IRON MUSHROOM

  1. Not Lame
  2. 1/0
  3. Delaware Pig Attraction
  4. AADG
  5. Shark's Carpet
  6. Fungal Meteor
  7. Roudness
  8. Disposition
  9. Fur Ball
  10. Moose Water
  11. Heavy

Joseph Trump drums, percussion Alexander Smith sampler Gregor Kitzis violin Marcs loan arrangements, production, basses, vocals

Produced and Composed © ℗ Marcs loan 1996 Askance Publ., BMI


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XXI 'The World' 

The G3G record label of Barcelona, Spain (Gat, Gloria and Gilieum) champions, courageous supporters of music, musicians, releasing records, organizing concerts, interviews and publications.

Their Tarot Card concept was an invitation to musicians including Pascal Comelade & Bel Canto Orquestra, Pierre Bastien and many others to draw their own fates based on the decision of the 21.

XXI 'The World' reflects spontaneity in/and composition. A three song Ep w/ East Village colleagues Marcs loan, Jim Fourniadis (Rats of Unusual Size), Glenn Sorvisto (WOO), Andrew Nahem (Ritural Tension), Reed Ghazala (Anti-Theory bender)...

Produced and Composed © ℗ Marcs loan 1995 Askance Publ., BMI

Marcs loan's Gawk Project - SCRATCH Digital Download Only

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Marcs loan's Gawk Project - SCRATCH

1997 Gawk production SCRATCH w/ Sloan, Gregor Kitzis and Stephen Moses. 
This is the band that toured Europe.


Gregor Kitzis - violin, electronics. MFA from L.A. to Europe: John Cage,Xenakis, Morton Feldman, The Holocaust Museum, Don Byron, Elliott Sharp, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center... Solo recordings on Opus One and North/South Records.

Steven Moses - drums, percussion, trombone. 1000 gigs in Europe Japan USA with the group Alice Donut (Alternative Tentacles). w/ Columbia recording artists Rasputina opening for Marlyn Manson, Helmet, Porno for Pyros, Bob Mould, w/ appearances on Conan OÕBrian, Regis and Cathy Lee

Sloan everywhwere

  1. Radionics
  2. Stain
  3. Cereal Killer
  4. Water Abacus
  5. Fall Down
  6. Museum
  7. Redeye
  8. Cyberjaya
  9. Big Hits Recap Medley

Produced and Composed © ® Sloan 1999 Askance Publ., BMI

STAR BLACK The Magnetic Field Trip Digital Download Only

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STAR BLACK The Magnetic Field Trip

  1. Tracers and Constellations
  2. Peaking In The Woods
  3. Psychedelic Hammock
  4. Yasgar's Back 40 Jam on Bread
  5. Headshop
  6. Brain Heart
  7. Wonderland's Door

Rich Glicka drums and recording Gregor Kitzis violin and electronics Marcs loan bass, preparations and electronics

© ® 1997 Glicka Sloan Kitzis Askance Publ., BMI http://marcsloan.net

SloKidMo - KANGA RUE Digital Download Only

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Marcs loan's SLOKIDMO "Kanga Rue"

Marcs loan and Steve Moses cut a live jam session w/ Kido Natsuki (Tokyo) on his way back from a Kosovo tour. Kido leads the group BONDAGE FRUIT, plays for Umezu Katsutaki's Kiki Band, Salle Gaveau... Stephen Moses is a founding member of Alice Donut, plays with MJ-12, Percy Jones, Sour Jazz...

Marcs loan electric bass Stephen Moses drums/trombone Kido Natsuki guitar

The Good Dirge 13:40 Voie 8 2:43 Scrap Yard Trailer Trash 9:48 Smiles Similes 5:33 Askance 8:34 Nocturnal Siesta 1:31 The Lamp Stew Who Needs It 7:06 Thumper and The Bumblebee 8:10 Last Call; Carouse Arouse 14:14 Bird Criquets Badger 1:57

Produced and Composed © ℗ Marcs loan 1998 Askance Publ., BMI

Marcs loan - The Bucolic 5 Digital Download Only

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Industrial Art Rock by Gawk Project's Marcs loan bass, song, production Alex Smith drums sampler, Stephen Moses (Alice Donut) trombone on 'Tumble Box'

SRO recorded 1997 East 14th Street, NYNY

Marcs loan's Gawk Project - HEAVY ELEMENTS 115-123 Digital Download Only

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Marcs loan's Gawk Project - HEAVY ELEMENTS 115-123

Return of rhythm section Marcs loan bass/guitar, field/tapes, devices, piano, percussion, circuit bends, sampler ø JOE TRUMP drums and percussion 
With Alex 'Lysergic' Smith-Sampler, Greg Kitzis-Violin, Stephen Moses-Trombone
 Christine Bard percussion from Tokyo 
Katsui Yuji (ROVO) violin Kido Natsuki (Bondage Fruit/Umezu Kazuto, Salle Gaveau…) guitar

1 Linear Incline Plane 2:46 2 #115 5:18 3 SumrTym 5:36 4 Road Aspirin Sauce 6:33 5 CaminoAbajo 4:00 6 Eye Might Go 10:30 7 Zhulu 4:06 8 XYZs 4:13 9 Yer Mom 4:33

Recorded at Martin Bisi and Mother West Studios, NYC

Produced and Composed © ® Sloan 1999 Askance Publ., BMI

2 CDs in video style slim pak w/ Black and White outer sleeve artwork/credits * Free U.S. Shipping

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Marcs loan's "Trees Of nerve Endings" 2 CD Music Compilation 1985-2010

encased in a standard plastic slim pack. The Cds are printed black ink on silver Cd with lazer printed black and white art cover and text/credits. This is a 28 song compilation for those who want a condensed synopses of the multi spectrum Sloan genre.

With: Reed Ghazala - circuit bender/instrumentalist, Ethan Winogrand/Joe Trump/Virgil Moorfield/Stephen Moses - drums, Elliott Sharp/Andrew Nahem/Knox Chandler/Kido Natsuki - guitar, Gregor Kitzis/Katsui Yuji- violin, Alexander Smith - electronicsampler, Andrew Williams/Steve Moses - trombone… and more

Produced and Composed © ℗ Marcs loan 2010 Askance Publ., BMI

World Music 2013 Digital Download Only

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Wonderful World music band circa 2011-2013. The band was:

Raphael Garritano guitar, Guy Thillet violin, David Budd drums and hand percussion, Marcs loan - Martin B1 bass, Pablo Shine congas.

"Séance" is sans Guy Thillet. Nadhir plays additional percussion/vocals.

These recordings are saved ROUGH mixes. Possible CD TBA

Sample tracks:




Any interest in this album should write to

Marcs loan and Pablo Shine are no longer with the band that continues to perform, from Kingston NY, original material and unique interpretations of musical styles from North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Eastern Europe...

For bookings see PasseroWorldMusic.com

Air Lobster 1981 Digital Download Only

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Jeff Lee guitar Alec Moorhead drums Marcs loan bass

Live @ the Monroe County Public Library October 21, 1981 Bootlegged from the video recording Engineer unknown.

303 E. Kirkwood Ave Bloomington, IN 47408

Bandzoogle: band websites that work