Marcs loan's "Transient Electro Acoustic Events - The Strange Attractors"

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Marcs loan's Transient Electro Acoustic Events - The Strange Attractors Studio and Live Performance Part I-IV


I have always been impressed by storms, the elements outdoors, sounds, instruments which in turn all became a music for me. These environmentals put a stamp on my engram spinal attachments and electro-biological 'Trees Of Nerve Endings'. I have always been driven to press these many musical art genres flowers. The sounds in turn reciprocated and i am nailed to the sky.

"Transient Electro Acoustic Events - The Strange Attractors" are the musical wildflowers I collected using the machines of space and time; like my botanical work days (1983-2000) forever layered between the pages of time mica, years and baklava dreams. I use electronics, magnetic digital analog gadgets, circuit bending, field recordings and musical instruments to create the electro plasma the same way the visual artist uses color, clay, wood...

I call this genre "World Electronica". These recordings go way beyond mere knob twisting. The foundation, references and end sounds always hologram our collective formative.

Here are a few of the 70's/80's Lorenz models from which I borrow to explain further:

"Small differences in initial conditions...yield widely diverging outcomes..."

"...rendering long-term prediction impossible in general...though these systems are deterministic..."

"...that future behavior is fully determined by their initial conditions...with no random elements involved (that's still debatable)...simply chaos...behavior observed in many natural systems, such as weather..."

My first exposure to the term 'Transient Electro Events' was an article on the study of electrical weather storms. This was indeed a welcome extension to my 'Trees Of Nerve Endings' concept which is a physical, electrical, biological and visual relationship of trees, nerves, epidermis, leaf patterns, lighting into our atmosphere and stratosphere, fractals/images, snow flakes…etc. I hope you get the picture.

Addtional Ref: Transient Electric Events

Sound Sources:

Cassette deck outdoor field recordings, the bass guitar w/ preperations, manipulated effects pedals and microphone locations. Sound generating toys, rewired and distorted circuits, kenetic sculptures, live performance/recordings of those items listed above.


Cincinnati Ohio, Little Miami River, Red River Gorge Kentucky, Upper Penninsula Michigan, New York Catskills, Batofar Paris France, Black Hole Theater Braunschweig D.

Marcs loan Excentriq Eclectix

Additional Art References: The LoFi Videos

Marcs loan's "MAD ART RIVER"

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Marcs loan MAD ART RIVER

Twisted experiments = Electronics, Ham Radio/Satalite signals, Field Recordings, Short Circuiting, Multi-Tracking, Signal Processing, Out takes…

  1. Grandfather Treehouse
  2. Cyborg Cicada
  3. Machina Dialog
  4. Pressed For Time
  5. Abject Jamsat
  6. Origami Barbers
  7. Prehistoric Enclave
  8. Bells Of Delirium
  9. Nitrous Oxide
  10. TerraPterodactyl Drums
  11. Up The Mekong
  12. The Ghost Of Noah's Ark
  13. Prehistoric Cove
  14. Anatomical Response
  15. While Playing Chess With The Former Artist
  16. Plasma

Produced and Composed © ℗ Sloan 1994 Askance Publ., BMI

"Boca Luna" Juan Matos Capote & Marcs loan

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Moon Mouth - 3 Phase Electronic Music

Juan Matos Capote - circuits, bends and modified signal processors

Marcs loan - prepared bass guitar, EFX, edits/mix

Recorded Summer 2005, Williamsburg... 155 Hope Street, Apt #4R part of demolished Brooklyn, New York